EPN Analysis Combination Centre

Report of the combination of the EUREF weekly GPS solution

Since GPS week 1925 new approach for generate the weekly combined EPN coordinate solutions is used. Now, the daily EPN AC solutions are combined for each day of the week, and then the seven daily combined solutions are stacked into a weekly solution. The statistics on the daily agreement between individual solutions together with the consistency of combined daily solutions are presented on this webpage.

Consistency of stations position between contributed solutions:

The map below constitutes an extract from the latest Report on the combination of daily and weekly GNSS solutions from EPN Analysis Centres (AC), which is available on Regional Data Centre, located at BKG (Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy, Germany). --> Reports available here

First layer of the main map ("EPN weekly solution") contains the mean weekly unweighted RMSs of station position residuals computed for each station in the combined solution. The mean RMSs, their daily changes and reapetability of final daily coordinates are displayed on popup boxes (click on the station that you are interesting). Any outliers in station positions excluded either from individual AC daily solutions during the combination stage, or from combined daily solutions during the comparison stage are marked in gray. Second layer ("Consistency with IGS") presents the station position residuals between the combined weekly solution (EUR) to the IGS14 (alignment to IGS14 use No-Net-Translation and minimum constraints).

Helmert Transformation Parameters

The comparison between each individual solution and the combined daily solution is being done using 7-parameters Helmert transformation. The Helmert parameters are determined using all stations of the individual solutions. RMS of Helmert transformation (and values of Helmert parameters) between each weekly AC solution and the combined EPN solution. The final values (after outlier rejection) are provided.